A Distressed Kitten’s Cry for Comfort Leads to a Heartfelt Connection

A tiny motherless kitten was found all alone meowing on top of his lungs, looking for his mom. The rescuers knew that the best option for the kitty was to find him a mama…

Victor second name “Vitoria” means victory in Brazilian Portuguese, this beautiful thing would probably have died if we did not find him that day… so he is for sure a Victory!

We found this numerous cat family living on the streets, we went everyday to feed them. After a few weeks we finally found a house for all of them. A week after, we passed by to check if there were any more cats, that’s when we found Victor Vitoria.

He was alone by himself meowing for his cat mama.

He was crying hysterically, we took him and run back home right away, my mom was driving and I had Victor in my hands, he was so hungry that he was sucking on my hand trying to get milk, we were so worried about him because he was probably alone and without milk for several days.

The first time we tried to feed him he was happily eating.

Then we put him in a basin with an ticking clock and a bag of warm water to keep him warm and give him the feeling he was with his mom. He slept like a baby.

My mom and I were feeding him every 3 hours, in the dawn when I woke up to feed him he did not want to eat, and that’s when I put him on my bed and we fell asleep together and I woke up with him suckling on my chin.

He’s the most adorable thing!

We made several calls to friends in my hometown Belo Horizonte, hoping to find him a mom cat that he could nurse from as that was the best option for him. My mom (Mary Passos) got a reply from a family that had a cat that could breast feed him!

We took him there and the mom cat adopted him right away with so much love! This story could not have ended better!

They are now a happy family, Victor Vitoria and his new mom are so in love!

We were planning to adopt him after he finished nursing but we will leave him there because we don’t want to take him away from his mom. And there will be always more animals needing our help.

Victor is now happily living with his new mom in his forever home :).

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