A resounding success! After having four teeth pulled by a VERY courageous dentist, Ilola the lion cub is recovering

It was dental work with a difference this morning when one of the main attractions at Werribee’s Open Range Zoo in Victoria spent time in the chair.

Ilola the lion cub had four baby teeth removed after suffering a painful infection due to her canines taking longer than usual to fall out.

Much to the relief of the dentist, the ‘surgery’ was a success.

Ilola the lion cub undergoing dental work this morning at the Werribee Open Range Zoo

How many dentists across the globe can say they have ever spent time working on a lion cub ?Along with Ilola’s siblings Asali, Ato and Lwazi, the lion cubs have proven to be must see animals after they were born last August.

The quartet were even named by the general public late last year.

Asali is Swahili for honey with Ilola translating to ‘becoming strong’ in the Lesotho language.

Their brothers were named Ato, which has Swahili origins and means ‘he who is born on Saturday.’

Lwazi is Zulu for ‘the one with knowledge’.

Female lion cubs Ilola and Asali relaxing in the shade at Werribee’s Open Range Zoo

Ilola the lion cub is on the mend after she had four baby teeth removed by a fearless dentistWhile lions are undoubtedly kings of the jungle, they are disappearing at an alarming rate globally.

The last two decades has seen a population decrease of 43 per cent, and it is estimated there may be as few as 20,000 lions roaming in the wild.

Kenya is one of the last strongholds for the species and visitors to Zoos Victoria can help protect wildlife in Africa through the community-based Beads for Wildlife program.

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