AI-Generated Images of Babies Engage in Extreme Sports Sweep Social Media

“Introducing the ultimate adventure for your little ones – Preschool Skydiving classes! Watch your child’s confidence soar as they take the leap and experience the thrill of freefalling with the safety of an expert instructor,” Facebook user Timothy J. Nemeth wrote in a post on March 30 that has since gone viral.

A few hours later, he posted a disclaimer comment.

“Disclaimer: no real babies were harmed in this AI recreation of Babies jumping out of airplanes,” the Facebook user commented after the post went viral.

He had shared another post the day before which included AI-generated images of babies rock climbing

“I find when you train them early they don’t fall as often when they are adults,” he jokingly wrote.

The posts received mixed reactions from other social media users.

“I love this!! Fantastic photos! Maybe scuba diving is next for these adrenaline junkies?!” Ginger Graham commented.

“This gave me so much anxiety before I realized it was a joke,” Kaylie Bernard commented.

Images created or manipulated using AI rely on machine learning algorithms to generate or modify visual content.

AI-generated image of a baby skydiving. (Facebook)
AI-generated image of a baby skydiving. (Facebook)

These algorithms can be trained on large datasets of images and learn to recognize patterns and features in the data, which can then be used to create new images or modify existing ones.

Users can go to an AI website, type in a prompt like “babies skydiving” and wait for the results generated within minutes or seconds.

Another set of AI-generated images that recently went viral and fooled many Internet users was of Pope Francis wearing a puffer Balenciaga jacket.

“I thought the pope’s puffer jacket was real and didn’t give it a second thought,” celebrity Chrissy Teigen tweeted at the time. “No way am I surviving the future of technology.”

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