Arlo’s Inspiring Tale of Overcoming Hydrocephalus

Getting a home is a dream for countless stray kittens, but sadly, it doesn’t always become a reality. For homeless cats with illnesses or functional needs, the chances of finding a forever home become even slimmer. Despite the challenges they face, these cats and dogs deserve love too, as demonstrated by Arlo’s inspiring story.


Arlo, a kitten with various physical challenges, found a new lease on life at the Bridgend Cats Protection Adoption Center in South Wales. Despite his difficulties, the affectionate tabby remained determined to be loved. Although Arlo might look different from other cats, he’s brimming with love and enjoys engaging in playful antics.


Soon after his arrival, Arlo was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (a buildup of fluid in the brain), resulting in a deformed head. Fortunately, a thorough veterinary examination deemed Arlo healthy despite his condition. The dedicated staff at the adoption center set out to find a loving family that could meet all of Arlo’s needs, ensuring he’d have the best possible quality of life.


At that time, Davy, a social worker for disabled children, had been considering adopting a feline companion. Initially, he wanted to adopt an older cat to share his solitary life in a cabin. However, after being tagged by his friends in Arlo’s photos shared by Cats Protection on Facebook, Davy couldn’t resist the adorable kitten.


Intrigued by Arlo, Davy scheduled a visit to the shelter to meet the one-year-old cat. Although Arlo was shy and cautious in social situations, he and Davy formed an instant connection—it was love at first sight.


Davy confessed, “Just one look at him, and I fell in love immediately.” It was evident that Arlo and Davy were destined to be together. Now, they share a life filled with happiness, love, and companionship. “He’s still shy and scared, and he doesn’t like loud noises. But he’s such a sweetheart. His personality is truly amazing. He’s a real character,” said Davy.


Raising Awareness for functional needs Pet Adoption

By sharing Arlo’s heartwarming tale, we aim to raise awareness about adopting functional needs pets and the incredible impact they can have on our lives. These animals deserve the opportunity to experience love, care, and happiness, just like any other pet.

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