Chain Smoker Unleashed: Reviving a Classic 1947 Fargo with a Turbocharged Cummins Powerhouse


Warwick Andrews’ art rod, known as Chain Smoker, is a sight to behold. This 1947 Fargo FL1 pickup truck with a compound turbo 12-valve 6BT Cummins engine is a masterpiece in itself. The intricate details and craftsmanship of this vehicle are simply mesmerizing. Custom vehicles like Chain Smoker not only showcase powerful engines and enhanced performance but also serve as unique expressions of their owners’ vision and style.

Chain Smoker is a 1947 Fargo truck that Warwick Andrews reclaimed from a Canadian field, retaining its original patina on every panel and free from body filler. Andrews took inspiration from Art Deco-era cars and modern-day rat rods to sculpt the body panels, creating a new category known as the “art rod.” This fusion of design cues resulted in a visually striking and one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Warwick Andrews, the owner of Andrews Auto Gallery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has a passion for extreme automotive projects. Prior to opening his dealership, he was a commercial helicopter pilot. When he stumbled upon the 1947 Fargo, he knew it was a special find that would be perfect for his car project. It took him three years of dedicated work to transform the truck into the masterpiece it is today.

While the engine of a vehicle often garners much attention, Chain Smoker’s exterior steals the show. The chain exterior of the truck was crafted using over 300 feet of chain sourced from a decommissioned elevator dating back to the 1940s. The unique feature of Chain Smoker is that during a burnout, smoke billows through the rear widebody chains while simultaneously rolling out of the exhaust stack, creating a captivating visual effect. This is how the name Chain Smoker truly comes to life.

However, Warwick Andrews didn’t solely focus on the vehicle’s striking exterior; he also aimed to achieve impressive horsepower figures. To achieve this goal, he opted for a 12-valve 6BT Cummins engine with various aftermarket upgrades. The engine boasts a compound turbo setup, with a 366 74mm turbo feeding a powerful 485 96mm turbo from Stainless Diesel. Although the exact power numbers haven’t been determined yet, Warwick plans to have the engine dynoed during the upcoming summer.

The 12-valve Cummins engine in Chain Smoker features high-performance aftermarket parts and meticulous machine work. Among the notable components are a KRP Fab custom top mount turbo and complete piping setup, hardened connecting rods, marine pistons, ARP hardware, a Gorilla girdle, Haisley Machine fire rings, a CPP 188/220 camshaft, Hamilton 165-lb. springs, a Hamilton cam gear retainer, Hamilton extreme duty pushrods, a ZZ Fab intake manifold, Pacbrake 4000 rpm governor springs, a KRP Fab one-off twin-scroll exhaust horn, a Stainless Diesel polished one-piece T4 exhaust manifold, CPP billet freeze plugs and adjustable pump gear, a Keating rear billet freeze plug set, a Keating billet one-piece valve cover, a Scheid timing case and cover, a Scheid billet tappet cover, and a Fluidampr harmonic balancer.

Chain Smoker is not just a vehicle; it is a work of art. Warwick Andrews’ vision and creativity have transformed a 1947 Fargo truck into a stunning masterpiece that combines vintage charm with modern performance. Chain Smoker is a testament to the passion and ingenuity of automotive enthusiasts who strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of custom vehicles.

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