Coconut’s Rise to Fame: The Heartwarming Story of an Adorable Kitten’s Journey

The kitten, who may have a neurological disorder, was rescued by the Naples Cat Alliance

Coconut started out life abandoned, but quickly found that there are numerous people and animals who care for her.

The white kitten, who has trouble walking on her own and holds her head at an unusual angle, was rescued by Megan Sorbara, president of the Naples Cat Alliance, when she was just two weeks old, reports KHOU.

Sorbara found Coconut with her two siblings, now named Praline and Pistachio, protectively clutched around her. The trio were left by their mother outside a building in Naples, Florida.

Coconut the cat

Naples Cat Alliance took the kittens in and immediately started bottle-feeding and caring for the babies. The rescue noticed shortly after Coconut’s arrival that she had trouble holding up her head and getting around on her own. The staff believes that the tiny kitten suffers from a neurological condition and that her siblings were trying to protect their weaker sister.

Thankfully, while Coconut has some trouble getting around, she has no trouble eating or attracting attention. The white baby cat has quickly becoming the star of the alliance’s Facebook page, with thousands of people watching and sharing videos and photos of Coconut. In some shots she is joined by her siblings, and in others by Bitsy the dog.

Bitsy, a pup Sorbara rescued from an intersection two years ago, adores kittens and has taken a special shine to Coconut. The two spend their days rolling around together and using each other as pillows.

“It’s really good for Coconut,” “It helps her stretch and move and climb and things like that, which are good for her muscles.”

Coconut the cat

This heartwarming kitten-meets-dog story has made news of Coconut spread even farther, to the point where the Naples rescue is expecting a visit from a Japanese TV station in the coming week.

Coconut the cat

“It brings awareness to our organization, and who doesn’t need that,” Sobara said to KHOU.

Coconut is currently taking a break from stardom to visit the vet to determine the exact reason behind her unique look. The Naples Cat Alliance plans to care for the litter for several months until they are healthy enough to be spayed or neutered and put up for adoption. Not surprisingly, many have already inquired about bringing Coconut and her siblings home.

Coconut the cat

Right now, the rescue is focusing on caring for the kittens and trying to find the mother of the babies, so they can get her off the streets.

If you would like to help Coconut and her siblings prepare for their new life, check out the Amazon wish list of the Naples Cat Alliance and make a donation.

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