Discover the Notable Horses That Shaped Chinese History

1. Chained Horse

Picture 1 of The famous horses in Chinese history booksAmong the famous ancient horses, the first must mention the Red Horse Horse in the Three Kingdoms period. This horse is a staff long, eight meters high, red as fire, great without a fur, and thousands of miles away, climbing the stream easily.

The Red Horse has been used by many owners. The first owner of Xich Tho was Dong Trac (132-192), Dong Han general (25-220 years). In the court at that time, there were many people who despised brutal people like Dong Zhuo, including Dinh Nguyen, who was also a Dong Han general. In a tidal meeting, Dinh Nguyen cursed badly on Dong Trac’s face, Dong Trac intended to slash Dinh Nguyen, then Dong Nguyen’s adopted son La Bo from the rear rushed, La Bo’s heroic temperament caused Dong Trac. Stunned, he had to give in. Since then, Dong Trac had the intention to win La Bo.

Because he wanted to approach and capture La Bo, Dong Trac brought Xich Tho to La Bo. La Bo, after having obtained the precious horse, killed his former owner Dinh Nguyen, subdued under Dong Trac’s foot, and became Dong Trac’s adopted son.

Xich Tho Horse was fought with La Bo everywhere. On the battlefield, he specializes in horse-riding and horse-riding, as a sudden and profoundly powerful horse. Later, La Bo was hit by an elder of the Han Dynasty, killing Dong Zhuo. Later La Cha was killed by Cao Cao, Xich Tho’s horse belonged to Cao Cao, an outstanding politician and military at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

Perhaps due to fate, Quan Vu is also known as Quan Van Truong, one of the great meritorious people who founded Thuc Han’s house in the 2nd century, because he wanted to protect his sister-in-law’s wives Liu Bei temporarily went to Cao Cao’s side. Cao Cao loved the talented people like Quan Vu, also wanted to imitate Dong Trac to give horses to heroes.

But Quan Vu is not like La Bo, he receives the Red Lion to find Liu Bei faster. After Guan Yu was killed, Xich Tho fell into the hands of another Shu Han general, Ma Trung. But this time it no longer obediently followed the new owner as before, but went on a hunger strike to death.

2. Great Horse Photo

Picture 2 of The famous horses in Chinese history booksThe Great Horse Photo is Cao’s love horse (155-220). Great Photos means to be very fast, not to catch up to the shadow.

Legend has it that when Cao Cao attacked Truong Tu, Truong Tu surrendered to Cao Cao. Truong Tu is the one who calls Adventure with General Truong Te by uncle. After Dong Zhuo was killed in 192, Zhang Te and other generals of Dong Zhuo brought troops to fight on Trang An, again holding King Han Hien De, manipulating the court as before.

However, Cao Cao did not expect to be hit by the enemy’s attack, was suddenly beaten, unable to catch his hand, almost lost his life. May has the Great Pictures horse to escape.

The Stallion was hit by three arrows on him and still hoisted galloping, then was hit by an arrow in the eye to collapse. In this battle, The Great Picture has completed its mission.

This is another defeat of Cao Cao after the battle of Xich Bich. In this battle, Cao Cao lost a son, Cao Ngang, a nephew, Cao An, and a horse, Big Picture. It could be said that this was a disastrous failure of Cao Cao.

3. Lottery Horse

Picture 3 of The famous horses in Chinese history booksThe Lot’s destination was Trang Vu’s horse, which was a general of a Han royal lineage monk Liu Biao but later betrayed Liu Lu. Luu Be (the founder of the Thuc Han house) was defeated in the battle with Cao Cao, so he joined Luu Luu because of the two people in the royal family, waiting for the opportunity to redo his career.

Liu Bei saw Zhang Yu’s horse claiming to be a horse, and immediately praised that “this horse is definitely a horse horse”. Luu Be’s general, Zhao Yun, immediately understood the master’s intentions and killed Zhang Yu to steal horses. Trieu Van was a famous general in the late Han Han period and the Three Kingdoms era, a major contributor to the establishment of Thuc Han’s house.

When Luu Bieu saw this horse also praised endlessly. Luu Be, who is unable to know what to say to Liu Biao, gives this horse to Liu Biao. Unexpectedly, Liu saw that this horse “had eye bags, white spots on his head, and the name” Dump Lu “, must be the killer horse” , also said that “Zhang Yu riding this horse died” was evidence, should hurry to find an excuse to return to Liu Be.

Luu Be’s servant brought the “master horse” to Liu Be, but Liu Bei did not believe. Later, when he received the message that someone intended to kill, Liu Bei hurriedly escaped, riding a horse from Destiny, but was mistaken, he ran to Dam Khe stream.

In front of the large stream, behind is the pursuing enemy, at this time Liu Bei remembers the advice of “Lottery bosses” the day before, he frantically whipped his horse, shouting: “Destiny!” Destiny! Today, you hurt me! “. Lottery suddenly rose up, flying to the other side, making an unprecedented feat in history. Afterwards, Liu Bei did not believe in the “murderer” , he loved the horse more to save his life.

When taking troops to fight Thuc’s country, seeing the horse of Bang Thong, one of Luu Be’s scouts, was too old, so to show his great importance to Bang Thong, Luu Be gave his beloved horse to give Bang. It was unexpected that Bang Thong could not enjoy the blessing, and just rode to Lot Lo and was mistakenly mistaken by Luu Be as an enemy. Later on, Lot Lot’s horse did not know where to get lost.

4. Projecting Jade Lion

Picture 4 of The famous horses in Chinese history booksThe Jade Lion’s whole body is as white as snow, which is said to be traveling thousands of miles a day. Right from the birth of the underside of the neck, there was a row of thick fur, which looked like a lion, a hot temper, later growing temperament less hot-tempered, in the evening this horse emitted a silver-white light. So it is called Da Chieu Ngoc Su Tu.

This horse of Trieu Van lived around the second century. Legend has it that Trieu Van was stationed on Truong Truong mountain to go to battle to ride lion lions, once Trieu Van and his horse fell into the pit of available enemy troops, seemingly unable to escape. But the horse power was great, finally jumping up to the crater, saving the owner from escaping death. In the Water Margin novel, I mentioned this horse.

5. O Van Pedal Tuyet

Picture 5 of The famous horses in Chinese history booksO Yun Mountain Snow is also known as Wang Zibo, living in the second century, his whole body is black, but the four whites are white. This is Truong Phi’s horse, the brother who ends up with Liu Bei and Guan Gong, which is considered a great hero.

Zhang Fei’s horse has a very meaningful name, Wang Zibo means that the horse follows the Great King. Legend has it that Truong Phi and O Van Pedal are equally black. Zhang Fei treasured this horse like a child, often washing the horses for himself.

Later people often said brave people who rode a strong horse. Guan Gong once said: “My people are heavy, horses cannot carry, so they are often thin, so I cannot ride normally”. Zhang Fei is the same, ordinary horses cannot match Zhang Phi’s extraordinary aura.

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