Dog Cries for 9 Days After Being Abandoned by Owner

little dog

A dog with beautiful white fur was left to fend for itself in the middle of a lonely parking lot at a Sam’s Club store in Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

She couldn’t believe what was happening to her and hoped they would come back for her, waiting nine days in place, howling in pain and sadness, as captured in a video that went viral.

The scenes touch the most sensitive fiber of all in the networks:

As expected, the furry girl named Samantha ended up heartbroken, refusing to trust any other human, so it was not easy to rescue her.

He didn’t want anyone to get close, much less put their hands on him . She just wanted her human to come back from her and take her home.

His eyes said it all

But his rescuer, Mary, from Arrow Dog Rescue , wasn’t about to turn her back on this beautiful creature.

And she thought that if she didn’t want to trust humans, maybe she could trust someone of her own species, so she decided to take her little dog with her and waited patiently for Samantha to come over.

“It’s so heartbreaking, why are people so mean. The video is so sad. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I did something like that,” one netizen commented.

But soon her crying would be comforted

After three and a half days of waiting, Samantha finally felt safe with Mary’s dog, giving the woman enough courage to approach her. Finally, the dog accepted Mary’s help and followed her to her house.

A fate awaited him that would change his life forever.

Later, Mary took Samantha to the shelter. Volunteers posted Samantha’s story on social media and soon, many people were showing up to offer the furry girl a safe and loving home.

No one could help but be moved by his sad story

“He has suffered so many things, that he only deserves the best in the world . I want you to be very happy, beautiful,” said another Internet user.

The volunteers chose the perfect home for Samantha, but she was still traumatized by her sad past . However, her new family waited patiently for her to come out of her shy shell.

Today, all of Samantha’s fear and uncertainties have melted away with the boundless love she receives from her new family!

her crying was heartbreaking

Fortunately, this beautiful dog has managed to leave behind the bitter experience she suffered and life has given her the opportunity to be happy, as it always should have been.

We are glad that the heart-wrenching tears that pierced the hearts of so many who watched the video were finally a thing of the past.

We are saddened that they did that to the poor furry girl, who probably only gave love and fidelity to her former family. But being abandoned by her was the best thing that could have happened to her.

Remember that the hearts of animals are so pure that they cannot bear the contempt of the people they love. Fortunately, Samantha had a happy ending.

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