“The ending it deserves: Lucian Lionheart finds its final home in a fairy tale”

Photographer Josie found Lucian, a big orange cat, in desperate condition on the side of the road at 7am. He seemed to be waiting for her at the edge of the forest, watching her as she approached. She spontaneously chose a name for him on the spot, and it became Lucian Lionheart.

While many people were passing by, she stopped and after following him to a small hole, she amazingly caught him and brought him home. This is incredible!


Healthy cats always look pristine, but Lucian is extremely ragged. It looked like it had just gone through a wringer and was just skin and bones. This was not fully revealed until all the carpets had been scraped. Lucian’s eyes were bloody, dry, and nearly shut. At first, she thought that he might not have eyes. He lost patches of fur as large furry masses fell from his body. Although he is clearly in poor health, he is very affectionate and friendly. When Josie cleaned him up, he was purring and very hungry.


After taking Lucian to an animal rescue center, they realized he needed extensive treatment, tests, and fluids. So he stays with the rescuers and Josie has to leave him. She visits Lucian weekly, hoping that he will recover. During visits, the cat will give affection, rubbing its face. Josie’s husband, Ed, also met and immediately fell in love with the lovely Lucian.


By the time Lucian was ready to go home, he looked amazing, as the vet had to shave off his shaggy fur. He has a constant fever and anemia, but continues to eat well, a good sign that he can recover. Then things got worse and they almost lost it. It would be two and a half months before Lucian could return home. The vets found a large mass that they feared might be cancerous, and if so, they recommended euthanasia. Josie wants to see him spend his days lovingly, no matter how long he’s been gone.


Thanks to the donation, Lucian received the care he needed. Josie and her supporters’ prayers have been answered, and he is cancer free! Little by little he recovered and returned to live with her. Lucian was a “sweet angel” when he finally came home, and Josie was finally able to hug him the way she had been waiting. His fur grew back and he became the most beautiful fluffy cat.


The cat settled into his permanent home in the middle of the German Palatinate Forest and became a wonderful part of the family.

“Lost and alone, ‘Lucian Lionheart’ finds a new life with a loving family and a happy ending”

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