Exploring the Curious Case of Twins with Different Skin Colors

Black parents, twins one black baby like them, the other white, blonde, which experts say “never met”.


Stacy, 30, and Babajide, 38, are black in Lagos, Nigeria. Baby Daniel and David Omirin, their two children were born just a few minutes apart but are not identical. Daniel has black skin, black curly hair exactly like his parents and 4-year-old sister. While David is white, blond hair, due to albinism, causes lack of pigmentation.


The birth of two children at the hospital on February 26 not only surprised their parents, many doctors and medical staff also flocked to Stacy’s bed to take pictures. Experts told the Stacy couple they had “never seen anything like it”.


Two babies David and Daniel have very different looks.

Another woman confided in the children’s mother that she would “pray” to one day give birth to adorable twins like David and Daniel. “I never have any negative thoughts. I feel especially blessed and proud to have given birth to two lovely children,” said the mother, who works as a clothing designer.


The twins have beautiful brown eyes that often attract everyone’s attention whenever they go out. Stacy said the children appear as ‘famous’ people because of the difference between them. “People often stop me to ask, are the two children my children. When I was right, they thought I was joking,” Stacy said


4Recently, the mother has also been contacted by a modeling agency, based in the UK, to invite her two children to be photo models. New plans are in the early stages, but maybe she will arrange a trip to England with the kids.


Today, my daυghter is 3 years old. Her persoпality amazes me. Most times I stare at her, kпowiпg how loпg it took for her to come iпto my life, the odds she’s beeп throυgh aпd already coпqυered. She’s so smart aпd has a stroпg persoпality. She kпows what she waпts aпd will always go for it.

Nigerian couple gives brith to black and white twins

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