Find 20 Beautiful Baby Boy and Girl Names Inspired by the Water.

Water is an essential element for life on Earth, and despite its calm and tranquil nature, it has the power to transform and overcome any obstacle in its path. If you desire your child to possess this tenacity and strength, below are some beautiful baby names with meanings related to “water.” These names are associated with water, bodies of water, or aquatic organisms, and they have been influenced by various languages. Their elegant and lovely sounds make them ideal choices for parents seeking unique and meaningful names for their children. Read on to discover trendy and cool water-themed baby names.

Popular Water-Inspired Names for Girls:

  1.  Anahita: A lovely and rarely used Persian name meaning “water or river goddess.”
  2. Aqua: Derived from the Latin word for water, this name is most commonly associated with the color blue-green, evoking feelings of calm and relaxation. Aqua will undoubtedly be an original name for your child.
  3. Ara: This short, sweet, and unique Arabic name means “brings rain” and has a bright and positive connotation. It can also be used as a nickname for Arabella.
  4. Bayou: While Bay is a name more often used for boys, Bayou, meaning “small stream,” is a captivating and charming name for girls.
  5. Como: An Italian placename referring to a lake, evoking images of tranquil waters on a warm evening. Moreover, it is a distinctive choice.
  6. Coral: Beyond being a beautiful color name, Coral also refers to the skeletal deposits forming underwater reefs.
  7. Darya: If you desire a water-inspired name that is more unique than Aqua or Tallulah, Darya is an excellent option. It is an Iranian baby name meaning ‘sea.’
  8. Delta: This name conjures images of a lazy, river-like flow and carries a southern allure. The term “delta” refers to a region of land where a river divides into smaller rivers.
  9. Fjord: An Old Norse and Norwegian name alluding to a sea passage. While suitable for both genders, it is recommended for boys.
  10. Guadalupe: A popular Spanish name meaning “river of black stones,” though its popularity has declined since the 1990s, making it a unique choice for your daughter.
  11. Adrian: Referencing the Adriatic Sea, Adrian is a popular boy’s name in the United States and ranks among the top 50 names on the Social Security Administration’s list.
  12. Arno: Meaning “flower water,” this name is inspired by the main river in Florence, Italy, and could be a suitable alternative to Arnold.
  13. Beck: The short form of Beckham in Old Norse means “stream,” and it adds a cool and unique touch to a name.
  14. Bourne: A Middle English name meaning “one who lives near a stream,” which sets your child apart from the crowd and gains extra cool points due to its association with Matt Damon.
  15. Caspian: This romantic-sounding name evokes the vast ocean separating Europe and Asia. C.S. Lewis also used this name for one of his “Chronicles of Narnia” characters, making it a geographical and literary gem.
  16. Coburn: A traditional Welsh name meaning “rocky water” or “stony river,” offering a cool and distinctive choice for your son’s first name.
  17. Cove: A refined and uncommon water-themed name, meaning “a coastal inlet or a small bay,” which is perfect for those seeking something distinctive.
  18. Danube: If you are comfortable naming your son after a river, Danube has the feel of a Viennese waltz and exudes elegance.
  19. Dover: This name carries multiple references, being the Welsh word for “water,” the name of a Massachusetts town, and a British port on the English Channel. It has gained popularity, ranking 305 on the Social Security Administration’s list over the years.
  20. Dylan: A name derived from Welsh mythology, meaning “son of the sea” and associated with the sea god. It has steadily grown in popularity and is among the top 50 water-related names since 2013.

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