Heartwarming Reunion: Watch an Excited Baby Horse Meet Her Mother for the First Time

We all know that there is no stronger love than that between a mother and her precious daughter. Get ready to get emotional with this touching video of a foal and her reunion with her birth mother. As it can be seen in the video the baby horse called Miss Tehya is very excited to meet her mother for the very first time and keeps jumping up and down from joy.

This foal is only two days old but she is so happy to be outside the barn and reunite with her mother Ella. Miss Tehya lives at Rainbow Meadows, who is a famous nonprofit rescue and retirement for horses. Their mission is to provide a safe heaven for abused,neglected and abandoned horses.

Rainbow meadows has made a significant positive change in the horse world as the organization has helped saving a lot of horses who were left abandoned or were destined to slaughter. It is really great that the number of organizations who support animal welfare is increasing over time because these amazing creatures deserve to be treated in a proper way.

blankThe foal can spot her mother from a distance and can’t contain her self. Finally they are able to open the gates where Ella is kept. This moment is so difficult to describe and left us all spechless. After Miss Tehya and her mother see each other for the first time, Ella takes her daughter for a trot. Watching them walking side by side is the most adorable thing ever! We hope that the mother and daughter will stay forever together.


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