In the Realm of Elegance: Witness the Majesty of Friesian Horse

A lot of people these days are starting to put their attention at Friesian Horses because of a very famous horse Friesian horse named Frederik The Great who is considered as the most beautiful horse in the world. His fame grew immediately after several videos floated on the internet, who all showed off this incredible horse.

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Well, we admit that he deserves all this attention because he is indeed gorgeous, but we just wanted to remind you that there are a lot of other Friesian Horses just as beautiful and attractive as Frederik The Great. If you only heard about this breed because of the world’s most handsome horse, let us give you brief information about this incredible breed.

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The Friesian is known worldwide for its black color and luxurious mane, long tail, and their beautiful feathers. They have great presence and carry themselves very proudly, looking just like fashion models with their good bone structure and their shiny hair. We can’t blame anyone who owns a Friesian horse for wanting to show them off, because they are truly one of a kind.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rfh8.jpgAlthough the breed nearly became extinct during different times of their long history, now the impressive Friesian horse is growing fast in numbers and popularity, proving to excel in harness and most recently also into the field of dressage.
blankBelow we have chosen a very interesting video that shows some of the most beautiful Friesian horses from all over the world. Not just fine and powerful, but their performance is also outstanding! Enjoy it!

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