Inspiring Journey of a Street Puppy’s Triumph Over Adversity

Tiny puppy Willow was found by a boy at the market and brought to Prue with Mission Paws’ible. The little girl was covered in dirt and mange. When Prue first came near her, she grumbled and growled. Willow was angry with the world for being unkind. But soon, her world changed and her past faded away.

Willow was lovingly cared for. She was given nutritious food, daily baths, and coconut oil massages. Her body was healing, as well as her soul! She found her playful side, proudly showing off her first tail wags. Prue couldn’t be more excited! Then, suddenly, everything changed.

Prue went to Willow’s bed one morning to wake her for breakfast, but the pup couldn’t move. Prue picked her up to see if she could rouse her. The puppy was weak and unresponsive. She couldn’t bear weight to sit up. She flopped over like a rag doll. Prue raced her to the emergency vet, where she had a minute-long seizure. If Willow didn’t respond to the anti-seizure meds, Prue had no choice but to let her go. She didn’t want her to suffer.

As Prue watched Willow closely, every minute felt like an eternity. Then, a miracle happened! To see what follows in Willow’s tale, press play on the video below. Thank you, Prue, for taking in this beautiful little girl and making her future ‘paws’ible.’

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