Jaw-Dropping Discovery of a Reddish Corpse Dating Back 800 Million Years, Resting in a Mysterious Marble Tomb

Impactante: el cadáver de una mujer de 800 millones de años y todavía rojizo fue descubierto en una tumba de mármol.

Starting in September 1969 in the Russian village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago in the Kemerovo region, the narrative takes place in Russia.

While working at a depth of more than 70 meters in a coal mine, miner Karnaukhov stumbled upon a marble coffin whose exterior was adorned with exquisite designs.

Immediately, all activity should cease. The coffin is brought to the surface to be opened. The side of the coffin had a putty-like fossilization.

There was a pinkish blue liquid inside the sarcophagu

s. In it was the corpse of an exceptionally attractive and slender woman. This individual appears to be in his 30s; their large, round, blue irises are characteristic of Europeans. Her hair is slightly curly, her white hands are delicate, and her nails are carefully manicured.

She is dressed in a knee-length white lace dress that she owns. Its flower-adorned short sleeves are also short. She appears as a sleep-breathing person. Everyone who observed the situation was astonished.

Above his head is a black metal box, one rectangular, one round (something like a mobile phone), measuring 10×25 cm. People later called her “Princess Tisulsky”.

After about 10 to 15 hours, she opens the coffin for all to see. The whole town flocked to see this strange object. However, in less than 24 hours, the finding was reported to the local authorities.

The fire brigade, the army, the militia, all confirmed the incident. At 2 p.m. that day, a helicopter arrived to remove the coffin, the detection area was declared infectious, and the public dispersed. Authorities then sealed the site and quarantined everyone who touched the coffin, even those nearby.

The story is told by the villagers. Very few people believe them, however once you start digging deeper you will notice a lot of strange details.

The coffin was transferred to the helicopter, but since it was too heavy, they decided to remove the liquid to make it lighter. After pumping out the liquid from the coffin, the corpse began to darken before his eyes.

So, the liquid is poured again, and the black color quickly disappears. After a minute, the woman’s cheeks were rosy again, and her body looked as fresh as a living person.

Five days later, an elderly professor from Novosibirsk arrived to report the preliminary results of his laboratory findings. The professor said the discovery would greatly disrupt our understanding of human history. When Soviet scientists announced their findings, the scientific world was shocked.

According to the professor, the age of the coffin is at least 800 million years. This woman is older than the coal formed around her coffin. This completely refuted Darwin’s theory of evolution.

If Darwin’s theory is correct, we should be able to find intermediate evolutionary fossils when a species splits into two or more species. And we can also find new species formed in the wild.

In fact, they don’t happen at all and the story of “Princess Tisulsky” sends us a message that humanity has been around longer than what is written in the textbooks. The history of human existence remains largely a mystery.

Why are the villagers silent?

The outrage subsided when the Tisulsky area was suddenly surrounded by the army, and the police went door to door to eliminate “rogue elements” among the people. The area where the grave was found was carefully excavated and then filled in with earth.

Despite the efforts of the authorities, some villagers rose up to fight for the truth. One resident even wrote to the government’s Central Committee, but died within a year (officially of heart failure).

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