Man Delighted by the Special Cat’s Adorable Antics


Kinda looks like a baby goat when you first look at it, such a super cute kitty!

As soon as this man opened the door of his car, he was surprised to see a cat with a beautiful appearance and a friendly personality. He jumped into the man’s car looks like he wants a ride.

In terms of appearance, he is extremely unique with white ears, nose, and feet. It seems like a photoshop product but no, his fur color contrasts with the pandas!


This particular cat is named Panda Kitty, and he lives on a veterinary farm in Romford East London, UK. The name is so adorable, despite having the opposite color of panda’s fur, this is a name that suits him so well.


This cat is extremely friendly and likes people, typically he greeted the man the first met. Therefore, everyone in the neighborhood loves him. is very different from other cats because he has a special power, he looks very sympathetic which made us want to pet and feed him.


However, that appearance is not natural born, he has a rare skin di.sease – Vitiligo. This di.sease usually occurs in black animals, it discolors areas such as the face and fur. To make it easy to understand, it is similar to vitiligo in humans, and also changes the color of the skin in parts of the body.


Luckily, this di.sease does not affect health because Panda Kitty is living very healthily and happily with his veterinary family.


Maybe in the future, the white spots will spread out and get bigger, but that makes Panda Kitty even more special and beautiful, right?

Mother nature’s exceptional work of art. He looks fantastic in this suit!



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