Meet Meatloaf, the Feline Hero Who Rescues Hearts

Losing our cats is a heart-wrenching experience that fills us with profound sorrow. Our furry companions may have shorter lives than us, but their impact on our hearts and lives is immeasurable. Therefore, it’s crucial to treasure every moment spent with them. Take, for instance, Meatloaf, a charming cat who found his way into a forever home after being rescued as a tiny kitten. Even then, Meatloaf knew how to charm and win people’s hearts, and he did just that with his new family. But how did this fluffy feline get his unique name? Well, when the family met Meatloaf at the shelter, they discovered he was already named. But the moment they heard the name, they fell in love with it and knew it suited him perfectly. Unfortunately, they couldn’t take credit for coming up with such an apt name.

How about making a scrumptious baby Meatloaf that will leave everyone wanting more?

Can you describe his personality? He’s quite mischievous and clever, often getting himself into trouble. However, he’s also incredibly affectionate and loving, which we’ve found to be unique among the cats we’ve owned. He’s become somewhat of a companion to me while I work, always eager to spend time with my husband and me regardless of what we’re doing. What are some of his favorite pastimes? He absolutely adores playing chase with either of us and loves to surprise attack my husband in the hall. He’s quite fond of roughhousing and chasing after toys we throw for him, though he doesn’t always bring them back anymore since he’s gotten older and wiser. We could hold him all day if he had his way, but he also enjoys playing with string toys and any paper bag he can get his paws on. The sound of him jumping on them seems to bring him great joy! Lastly, he can never get enough of long belly rubs.

What’s Meatloaf’s personality like? Meatloaf isn’t your typical distant feline, he’s quite assertive and knows how to get his way. His cute little meows can easily sway me, but luckily my husband is more firm. Despite his confident demeanor, this cat is also very affectionate and loves to cuddle. Does Meatloaf have any furry companions? Nope, Meatloaf is an only cat.

Do you know what makes Meatloaf so unique? Well, he actually saved us from the loneliness that ensued after our other cat passed away. Feeling like something was missing in our home without a furry friend, we decided to visit a shelter and meet another cat that had caught our eye online. However, as soon as we walked in, a little tuxedo kitten came marching towards us, meowing and seeking attention from my husband. It was clear that we were his people, and he was meant to be with us. We believe that Meatloaf knew we needed him as much as he needed us. And guess what? This Friday, 11/25, marks his adoption anniversary! I’d like to express my gratitude to Meatloaf’s amazing owners, Jennifer and Mark, for allowing me to share their feline’s story with the readers of Cattitude Daily. Meatloaf’s story is a testament to the fact that cats have an uncanny ability to choose their humans.

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