Officer Saves Stray Kitten Trapped in Snow and Becomes a Forever Family

A black cat who was stuck in the snow one night got lucky when he met his hero. Officer Matt Frosein of the Platteville Police Department in Platteville, Wisconsin, heard a loud meowing and decided to follow the sound.

The cry got louder and louder as he approached a ditch that had drifted over with about three feet of snow. Under the light of the full moon, he found a black kitten with big round eyes, meowing, as if he was desperately asking for his help.

This lucky kitty met his hero on a night of full moon. Officer Matt Froseith rescued him when he was stuck in a ditch, buried below three feet of snow.


He rescued the poor kitty, then brought it with him to the station. The grateful cat immediately snuggled on to Officer Froseith. He never left his side that night.


The Platteville Police Department posted photos of Officer Froseith and the kitty, in case someone would claim him.

“If you would like to claim this lucky guy, he will be at the Platteville Vet Clinic as soon as he gets done with his nap with his new best friend.”


However, the cat didn’t want to be anywhere else except besides his rescuer, Officer Froseith. After some thought, Officer Froseith gave in to those cute round eyes and finally decided to adopt him


The cat was named Donut and now is officially part of Officer Froseith’s family. Donut is adjusting to living indoors, but he never runs out of cuddles.


“Donut is becoming more comfortable with his new family,” The Platteville Police Department posted on Facebook in an update about Donut.


This little cutie has found its furrever home with his most favorite person in the world.



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