The Curious Cases of Snakes with Deformities Stemming from their Voracious Appetite for Oversized Prey

The snake is strangely deformed due to the greed of swallowing too large prey

Snakes always amaze us with their bodies, from the way this reptile slithers on the ground, climbs trees, then the way they grab prey many times larger.

In an interesting video recorded by tourists in Kruger National Park (South Africa), the snake discovered the nest of the tete bird – a bird that nests in the ground.

After driving the birds out of the nest, the snakes head to the waiting eggs as a delicious meal for any lucky predators to find.

The sizable size of the eggs doesn’t seem to faze the snake. After a moment of selection, the snake grabbed an egg about three times the size of its head.

After many hours of trying, the snake’s incredible attempt finally succeeded, with the egg slipping through its mouth, and inside the snake’s body.

Strangely deformed snakes due to greed for eating too large prey - 1

However, during the process, the egg did not break and remained in its original state. This makes the shape of the snake extremely peculiar, with its unusually large head.

More surprisingly, despite being in this odd state, the snake’s head seems to be stable, while the rest of the body moves very quickly.

According to the researchers, the reason snakes can swallow large prey is thanks to the “super stretchy” skin located between the lower jaws.

This allows them to swallow even larger animals than their jaws allow, while not requiring pre-chewing like many other animals.

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