The Heartwarming Journey of Rescuing the Thin Cat from Prolonged Hunger

Raggedy Sephera translated from English – Old Sephera. She was far from being a new kitten in this world – at the time of the rescue, she was 14 years old! However, when the cat was put on the scales, they almost spoke from shock: Sephera weighed like a 4-month-old kitten – 1.5 kilograms.


Saving One Life, an animal rescue organization in Arizona fished out Sephera along with 40 other cats and two dogs from a closed street trailer. There they were kept by the “owners”! All animals needed treatment, but Sephera especially. It seemed that only huge green eyes lived on her muzzle … A volunteer named Sephera took care of the found cat. At first, the girl fed the cat with soft food diluted in warm water.


Then she gradually switched to pates. In parallel, the baby was treated for falling teeth, the remains of the patient + ear, and treated the body for parasites. The girl began to look prettier before her eyes! Her sharp triangular muzzle gradually became more rounded, resembling the head of a cat, and not a ghost.


Soon, Sephera, unfortunately, had to leave home, and Megan took over the care of the pet. In the house of the new volunteer, Sephera loved most of all to look at the birds through the large window and play with new toys (sensitive Megan melted with pity and bought her pupil a new toy almost every day!).

Also, Sephera often dozed off at the TV and gained strength… As soon as Sephera’s weight and condition approached the norm, they began to look for a permanent family for her. After all, for such a beauty, the house should be the best!


Volunteers created a video calling on everyone to help in finding good hands for Sephera. And such a good family was soon found! The new mother of the kitty drove an hour and a half by car to pick up her precious girl from the shelter.) In the new house, Sephera met four of her furry brothers, with whom she became very friends. One of them, Pepe Le Pew, fell in love with a new girl and followed her everywhere!


The most important thing, of course, is that Sephera has fully recovered. Looking at the photo, it’s hard to believe such a transformation! Therefore, always hope, always fight, and always save to the end. Hope does not give up!


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