The internet community is awestruck by the bond between a tiny donkey and a gorgeous old horse

Allison Smith, also known as Ally, had been riding a horse since her early years. The animal enthusiast resided in Charlottesville, Virginia, and had established a horse rescue farm called “Colby Crew Rescue.”


Among the equines that resided in the sanctuary, Big John led a truly splendid life. The horse enjoyed a life of luxury. The vet had asked that Ally serve him beer for breakfast and dinner. He owned his own personal massage device and had friends who enjoyed his company.


Cotton, a tiny donkey, was always by his side. Watching them together was genuinely fun as they were complete opposites. Ally speculated that Big John might appreciate the company of a mare.

They tried to enter several horses, but the oldest horse proved to be very selective. Therefore, when Stardust arrived at his farm, they knew that he would probably become a permanent member of his sanctuary.


Ally took Stardust to Big John’s pasture, and that’s when her interest was piqued. The horse handler was puzzled by Big John’s reaction, as he normally didn’t interact as much with other horses.


Ally allowed the two horses to settle in for a few days to see if they could develop a friendship. Very soon, the two horses became inseparable. They often met in the field, with Big John resting his head on Stardust’s back. However, they still retained their unique qualities. For example, Big John enjoyed his beer, while Stardust simply looked down on her.

Together, they made an endearing elderly duo who cared deeply for each other. Ally was delighted to be able to provide a sanctuary for these splendid horses to spend the rest of their days.

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