The Touching Tale of the Lil Dog Saved from a Meat Truck

However; He had to make an amazing trip to save himself from the dog meat market in China, cross the loving base and fly thousands of kilometers to meet who would become his new family.

Pearl was rescued in the city of Harbin, northeastern China.


A few years before Hayley, Aimee and Emily founded Slaughterhouse Survivors .

Since then, they have worked tirelessly to save the puppies from the horrible people who treat them like mere commodities. Pearl is one of the lucky dogs who was able to turn her life around.

Pearl had a serious skin condition when she was rescued.


She arrived with rescuers she was very badly injured. She lost one of her front legs and  they really didn’t know if she could save herself.

Luckily, the sweet little pup arrived just in time. She was bathed many times with special medicines and after a few months she was energetic, healthy and eager to find a new home.

Pearl has her own Instagram account with nearly 3,000 followers.


A family opened the door for her as a temporary stay and within weeks , a veterinarian from New York contacted the rescuers and indicated that she wanted to adopt the beautiful Pearl .

That is great news. Not only did he have the family he desperately needed, but he also had medical care within reach. As you can imagine, the transfer won’t be easy.

Now Pearl has a little dog sister named Janet and they quickly become best friends.


The foundation has partnered with Road Dogs and Rescue and after a month, sweet Pearl has arrived in the arms of Ashley, her new mother .

Although Pearl has gone a long way in improving her health, Ashley decided to take a series of tests to make sure she was giving her the best life possible. .

It is still unclear what caused Pearl to lose her leg.


There, she discovered how much the loss of her small leg had affected her. He has to work very hard to walk and move for long distances, so his hip and joint are affected significantly. Now the cute little dog is in rehabilitation.

They are considering helping Pearl put on a prosthetic leg so she can live a much more comfortable life.

Pearl was destined for the worst luck in that bloody slaughterhouse in China. Now, everything is in the past and the dog’s life is only getting better and filled with love and happiness. Without a doubt, this is the second chance all puppies deserve .

Share this note to speak out against the dog slaughter and dog meat festival in China. Everyone deserves a new life just like Pearl.

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