Unveiling the Enormous Cat Who Surpasses the Size of a Bobcat


According to Jonathan Zurbel, the owner of Samson, this cat is a gentle giant with a tough exterior. Dr. Lisa Lippman D.V.M. also shared Samson’s story on Love Meow. Samson is a 5-year-old Maine Coon that is as big as a fully grown bobcat, measuring about 4 feet in length. Despite his size, Samson is neither fat nor overweight but a strong and sturdy cat who resembles a Husky. Samson might even break the Guinness World Record for the largest cat, currently held by Mymains Stewart Gilligan (Stewie), who was measured at 48.5 inches (4.04 feet) before he passed away in 2013.


Jonathan Zurbel shared about the charming personality of Samson, his pet. Samson is fond of playing fetch and enjoys being around his humans. He has a habit of following them from one room to another and finding a comfortable spot nearby to sit and keep them company. According to Zurbel, Samson secretly loves to snuggle and sleep in his bed when no one is watching. He also likes to get his belly petted.


Jonathan Zurbel, known as @catstradamus on social media, became a proud owner of Samson after his brother had to let the cat go due to his busy work schedule. Zurbel immediately fell in love with the adorable feline the moment they met. Samson was already a big kitten and his unique feature was his large ears.


Jonathan Zurbel’s cat, Samson, has now reached the age of five and has become the largest feline they have ever laid eyes on. Despite his size, he remains a lovable and gentle creature.


Jonathan Zurbel, also known as Catstradamus, shared a funny observation about Samson. The lovable feline seems to have outgrown his stroller, which is designed for pets of a certain size. Samson’s sizeable presence is creating a bit of a challenge for his owner when it comes to transporting him around.


According to Jonathan Zurbel, also known as Catstradamus, when he catches some Z’s, he occupies nearly 50% of his owner’s sleeping space.


Jonathan Zurbel’s faithful and loving feline friend is an enormous cat that never leaves his side. According to Zurbel, this giant kitty eagerly awaits outside his bedroom door, ready to come in and cuddle first thing in the morning. The friendly cat is so affectionate that he loves to sit on Zurbel’s belly and massage it while purring loudly.


According to Jonathan Zurbel, who goes by the online name Catstradamus, the feline in question is an absolute delight. “He’s incredibly gentle and friendly, and a total pleasure to be around,” Zurbel shared with Love Meow. “I consider him to be the perfect cat.”


Dr. Lisa Lippman’s furry companion, Samson, has a preferred activity that he loves to engage in.

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