Witness the Remarkable Journey of an Abandoned Dog and Her 14 Miraculous Puppies

Mam Nata, who is around 8 weeks pregnant and on the verge of giving birth, was abandoned in front of IAPA on December 22.

She was quite frail, unable to stand, and afraid when Instituto Amour em Patas (IAPA) discovered her. It took them some time to calm her down. She was so afraid of her pursuing puppies that her owner abandoned her.

Being a protective mother, she was extremely guarded when she first saw the volunteers at the shelter. However, after some time, she let down her guard and started interacting with them.

“Look inside her belly; there could be 13 or 14 babies there. She is extremely weak, so we try to schedule her test for tomorrow. Unknown volunteer said.

Natajuli and I will have a very long night tonight. Make sure everything is in order before her ultrasound.

How many puppies are there, exactly? Natajuli gave birth to 14 gorgeous children, making the number 14.

Natajuli was taken to the veterinarian with her 14 infants for a quick check-up, an ultrasound, and blood tests; she had a red face. All 14 of her puppies are large and chubby.

I nearly broke down when I saw her smiling because her children are so adorable; I just want to kiss them.

The 14 tiniest and prettiest should be difficult to list, but I forgot. Everyone enjoys giving them names, so feel free to comment with the name you adore.

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