How Surgery Transformed Cat Tiger’s Life, Bringing Him Back to His Daily Routines

cat Tigger has surgery tomorrow. He gets his knee fixed and his external fixator hardware fixed too. I love his sweet little face and beautiful eyes.


Tigger had to show me his impressive scratching post skills when I visited him

Tigger did great in surgery and is recovering well. His doctor said the knee surgery went great. However, breaking your hardware twice is a no no. He will be on strict kennel rest. He has very little bone to work with so he must REST! Keep sending your good vibes and prayers his way. GO TIGGER!

Tigger is such a cutie. Shelby said his doctors are in the process of lowering his pain med. He’s doing well and currently enjoying lots of pets and attention. . He’s the star of the hospital, everyone loves him.


Shelby picked up Tigger this morning. I can’t wait to hear how he’s doing. He definitely will not be this active anytime soon. He’s under strict orders to rest. He needs to let his bones heal so he can be this active and more.

He’s literally the best kitten. Everyday I’m just waiting for updates on how he is doing and scrolling through my pictures. Tigger heal fast so you can run like the wind.


I love this video that shows Tigger’s transformation. It’s amazing what the rescue community can do when faced with a challenge. Tigger is lucky! Not all kittens get this opportunity to thrive. I’m thankful for Shelby and for all of you following his journey with me. I can’t wait to see him walk, run and play like kitten should be able to.

This cutie is recovering with Shelby and on strict rest. Unfortunately, that means no visitors for now. Maybe after his next check up with his doctors I can go give him some pets and love. So far I’ve been able to raise about $1500 with the rescue I foster with for him. That’s the most I’ve ever helped raised.

. Happy Sunday to you all.


I got to visit Tigger yesterday!  He is so difficult to get a picture of. He is still on strict confinement and rest but is a wiggly happy guy. Tig has a recheck appointment on Monday and then hopefully he gets more freedom..The exciting news is I dropped off a $2099 check for his medical care!!!  With the rescue I foster with we were able to raise that money..Have a happy Sunday!!!


When you just gotta give yourself a bath. Especially, during “cone” free times. Tigger is doing well.  Still on strict rest. Shelby is taking great care of him. I just thought him holding his leg while he groomed was too cute.  He would never have be able to do this without the surgeries that he has had. He’s a special and lucky kitty.

This silly nugget will be with me tonight! I’m looking forward to spending some time with him. Yay Tig! ..Also, momma Minx is still pregnant and so big. No signs of impending birth yet. Any day now.


Tigger has a new bed! He thinks it’s the best and won’t leave it. Happy Sunday Funday.

A Tigger circle. I could just watch him be this peaceful and happy for hours..Hopefully, he will be bandage and pin free after today’s appointment with his surgeon.


Crazy playtime Tigger. I’m so excited that he got his bandage off and pins pulled yesterday. He also got the go ahead to be a kitten and run!!! (I only have pictures and videos from this past weekend to share so he still has his bandage on)

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