Moo Cows and Kittens: A Heartwarming Tale of Bessy and Angus’ Beautiful Bond


In August, an animal shelter called Ashley’s Kitten Academy welcome a ‘Moo Cow litter’ of kittens several kittens. in which there are 2 cats with beautiful appearances, long silky hair, and the same color black and white as dairy cows. Their names are Bessy and Angus, which sounds like cows.

Everyone was immediately mesmerized by every detail of their appearance. From the flowing black and white fur, and the long curly beard to the big, sparkling eyes. Who wouldn’t be blown away by this beauty?


Besides the beautiful angelic looks, Bessy and Angus also have very cute actions!


When Bessy is sitting by the window sill, she looks like a model, the background is simple, and the sunlight through the window frame accentuates her beauty even more. The picture is as beautiful as a painting because we can’t believe it’s real.


After bathing, Bessy and Angus looked so thin because their fluffy, cloud-like fur was wet. And it makes sense for them to dry their fur with the sun.


Also, Bessy played a game with Morrisson, it was of Little Baby Cole playing ‘Stick ’em up,’ with Jessica. Can you see Bessy is a very cute and playful cat?


Early September was when Bessy and Angus had to undergo sterilization surgery. This surgery is necessary and beneficial to their health. They will then be able to go to a new home, ready for a life on a farm.


After that, ”Moo Cows litter” continued to be checked for health in the abdomen. They sit on a colorful trolley. Their faces are as eager as children being transported to play.

Back home, Bessy continued to be mischievous. She ducked behind the sofa’s pillow, turning herself into a piece of hamburger meat. Angus appeared dapper like a magician with a monocle, mustache, and top hat.


And now, Bessy and Angus are ready to go home to their mother Kathy – new mommy loves them so much, and it’s wonderful that they were adopted at the same time, which means they won’t have to be separated!


Hope they are happy and can quickly adjust to their new home!


Has anyone’s heart been stolen by this adorable super kitten tuxedo duo?


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