The Hotel Cat Who Stole Guests’ Hearts and Decided to Say Goodbye to His Wild Ways

A feline, who was craving for some attention, was spotted hanging around a Hampton Inn. It seemed like the furry creature had enough of the great outdoors and was eager to find a new home.

persian cat bowtie

Hampton the cat has had a rough time surviving on the streets, using up several of his nine lives in the process. Despite being a long-haired Persian, he found himself without a home and was forced to brave the outdoors. The poor cat could be seen wandering around, meowing at strangers and hoping for someone to take him in. Thankfully, a group of kind-hearted Good Samaritans who were visiting town noticed Hampton’s plight and decided to step in to help him. They turned to social media to find someone who could provide the cat with the necessary medical care that he required. Luckily, Claudia, a volunteer foster carer at Caitie’s Foster Fam, came across their post and immediately offered her assistance.

street cat hampton

As he meowed for attention outside a hotel, Hampton was discovered by Caitie’s Foster Fam. Claudia, who had heard about the situation, quickly rushed to the scene within 20 minutes. Upon seeing Hampton, she became worried about his health as she noticed that his fur was badly matted and pulling on his skin. Additionally, he was covered in fleas and dirt and had missing patches of fur.

stray cat hampton

Caitie’s Foster Family The poor cat seemed to have received some aid at some point, but it was not enough as he was left with tender skin and sensitivity. He appeared miserable and thin, indicating a lack of proper care. Claudia rescued him from the parking lot, taking him in a cat carrier for transportation.

persian cat hampton

Caitie’s Foster Fam Hampton, who was named after a hotel, felt anxious at first, but once they arrived home, he felt relieved and comfortable. He finally found a place that he had been yearning for – a shelter where he could have food and comfort under a roof. According to Claudia’s account on Love Meow, Hampton recognized that she was there to assist him, and he came to terms with the realization that his days of living on the streets were over, especially when he realized he had his own litter box.

persian cat hampton

As soon as he arrived at Caitie’s Foster Fam, Hampton felt right at home. It was clear from his contented purring and relaxed body language that he was thrilled with all the creature comforts on offer. He even started to slow-blink at his foster mom, as if to say “this is just what I’ve been waiting for!”

rescued cat hampton

Caitie’s Foster Fam is home to Hampton, a sweet little dog who was believed to be around 4-5 years old. After getting pampered with a spa day, Hampton emerged with an adorable lion cut and appeared delighted with his new look. Throughout the process, Claudia has been there for him every step of the way, making sure that he’s thriving and showering him with plenty of affection.

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Caitie’s Foster Family Following a few weeks of recovery, he’s on the mend and his character is shining through.

sweet cat hampton

According to Claudia of Love Meow, Hampton, who’s under the care of Caitie’s Foster Fam, has gained some weight and his fur is growing back after being groomed. He begins his day with a hearty appetite and plenty of naps.

cat hugging couch

Hampton is thoroughly enjoying his new life as an indoor feline in Caitie’s Foster Fam. He seems to be settling in nicely with the other animals and has developed a fondness for stringy toys and lounging in front of the window. The delightful cat is also quite affectionate and relishes being held. When picked up, he remains calm and even leans in for some head rubs.

persian cat with bowtie

Caitie’s Foster Family Hampton is currently enjoying the company of his human and furry companions in a cozy and affectionate home after experiencing challenging days wandering aimlessly on the streets.

then and now cat rescue

The evolution of Hampton: a comparison between past and present experiences

Discovering Caitie’s Foster Fam

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